Erika Braccini

"PulpMe Clock"

If we take materials from the Earth to make objects we need to make sure that these materials will either return to the Earth or to a new life. PulpMe Clock is made entirely from recycled paper pulp and left over coffee grain.The clock has been made with reused paper and left over coffee grain to point out the damaging effect of two big industries that are destroying large areas of forest in developing countries. These are the coffee and the paper industry and the main damaging effect is that destruction of huge portion of land in developing countries to provide western countries with amount of coffee and paper to satisfy a massive demand in those countries thousand miles away from where the raw materials are produced. This is why I designed PulpMe Clock, and I used these materials in order for me to create an object that when it is no longer needed or in use, can be easily disassembled and recycled, thus an objects made of materials that can be obtained without contributing to deforestation.