Sonia Valera Garcia-Diego

"Coffee Cup – Uncut"
Paper  Illustration
59 x 79 cm
My drawing combines multiple layers of paperwork and acrylic paint to recreate the unfinished, rebellious movement and playfulness of craft in children’s art.

Coffee has always had familiar and comforting undertones since childhood. This work aims to apply the innocence of early memory to reflect its different dimensions in meaning and translate that to its basic five senses (e.g. (1) taste, (2) aroma, (3) colour, (4) laughter and (5) texture).

These associations are now imprinted in my son’s imagination. He has inspired me with the idea of using a simple cup of steamy coffee as the central caption which then has been replicated and rough cut 9 times into different sheets of paper and shape to visualise:
(1) a layer of rich creamy froth on black coffee;
(2) the smoky and sensuous curls of steamy freshly roasted beans, almost intoxicating, seductive ….
(3) a proud crooked pottery cup standing over the bright jazzy colours of sturdy cotton ‘retales’, proudly knitted together…..
(4) the warm and bubbly chatter and tertulia over a ‘cafelito’ at MatinĂ©e, dispelling the troubles of the day ….
(5) and against the sweet granular golden mascobado I used to secretly dip in with my fingers unseen….