Rennan Dizon

Coffee Industry Award

"The Coffee Journey"
29.5 x 42

A coffee shop, with its myriad assaults on the senses, is the perfect place to be stimulated. From the pleasing aroma of freshly ground and brewed coffee, to the gentle hubbub of conversation interspersed with the steaming of milk and call outs for orders. It is also frequently home to artisans and creatives, sharing ideas and searching for inspiration.
This triptych is an expression of the coffee-making process, from the sourcing of the finest beans, through its transformation into a work of visual and drinkable art, to the effect it has on the drinker.
The crashing waves and busy line work symbolise the energy and atmosphere of enjoying a coffee in a fine café, where you are taken on a stimulating journey; sailing through a constant flow of ideas and inspirations.