Claire Jackson

1st Runner-up

"The Impossible Coffee"
Medium, Ceramic, Polycaprolactone, Metal armature, acrylic, Varnish, Stove pots
Crafted using a Polycaprolactone smart plastic (The artists signature medium to create her flowing sculptural pieces) the medium has allowed the artist to emulate a suspended moment in time.
The piece emphasises the motion and fluidity of the coffee liquid at a moment of impact. The energy and motion reflected in this sculpture was inspired by the beauty of nature and physics in the daily ritual of creating a cup of coffee.
The piece is entitled The Impossible Coffee, as the seemingly magically suspended stovetops and the scale of the piece, represent the artists own personal ritual of making a coffee before starting a new project or taking on life. The Impossible coffee is a coffee fit for preparing an individual for taking on the seemingly impossible tasks of the day.