Lucan Miroslav


Mix Media on Canvas
100 x 100 cm

The work was created with both, Coffee and Project Waterfall in mind.
The coffee originates in Africa, so the connection seemed to be more then appropriate, and the same applies to the water issues there.
The coffee farms use lot of water in a process of growing, but also while cleaning beans before there are ready for roasting ( washed and semi-washed processes ).
This goes with direct contrast to the other parts of Africa, where people would struggle to get the drinking water for themselfs and their families.
And so the same, as on the painting, the African continent is divided by the water problem.
One side stands for the "water-full" Africa, land of plenty, organised farms and other industry, coffee beans on the painting symbolising the order, blueprint of farms and wells.
The other side, lacking water, stands for "chaos", the continent full of problems which need sorting, the continent calling for help.
The whole piece is meant to be working graphically to evoke an emotion in people, to make them think, H2O split, divided land, this work should provoke a reaction in people’s hearts and minds.