Rebecca Leek

"Caffé Normale"

Welcome to Caffé Normale. The title uses the term used to order a ‘normal coffee’ in Italy but it also looks like ‘Normal Café’ in English. 
Using recordings and images taken from one specific meeting between two musicians and a photographer, the film encapsulates café culture: a meeting takes place; an idea is developed; a friendship is formed; a contact is made; coffee is drunk; life goes on. 
The time-lapse film reflects how those working in cafes are in the privileged position of seeing snapshots of peoples’ lives. The disjointed yet dynamic soundtrack seeks to emulate how art is formed: the excitement of the hunt for something new; ideas bouncing back and forth; strands coming together; parts ending up on the cutting room floor; the element of chance; uncertainty and reflection. 
This is not process art – the end result is the piece. But the process of making it is its very fabric. Enjoy!