Brigitte Dietz

2nd Runner-up

Mixed media (acrylic, collage) on canvas
70 x 100 (cm)

The title “Homo Coffeeae Faber“ is a combination of the philosophic-anthropological term “Homo Faber” and the scientific Latin word for coffee plant: “Coffea”. Homo Faber, 'Man the Maker', stands for the human being transforming actively its surroundings in order to improve its standard of living. Homo Coffeeae Faber uses the
Coffee plant to create an unique civilizing product in all its dimensions: the production process and its social consequences, on the other hand: the 'coffee-house-culture' and its impact, the art of breeding and the fact that the modern Homo Faber seems to be dependent on coffee. But at the end, this whole coffee cosmos depends on this very moment of picking the single coffee bean.