Brigitte Dietz

"Portrait of an Orangutan"
Mix Media
70 x 100cm

The painting “Portrait of an Orangutan” is inspired by the Orang Utan Coffee Project,
that is producing Sumatra's only Arabica Coffee in the special climatic conditions of
Gayo Highlands. Fighting the minimization of the tropical rainforests and the
destruction of the environment, this project deals with the threats for both animals and
local farmers alike and serves as example of the often forgotten close connection
between human being and nature.

The project collaborates exclusively with local farmers who have owned their small sized coffee plantations already through the generations. In order to protect the environment and the small-scaled coffee farmers,
all farmers collaborating with the project grow their coffee plants according to strict
guidelines that are similar to Swiss organic farming standards.

“Portrait of an Orangutan” shall be an appealing reminder of the responsibilities and
encouragement to the possibilities that lie in conscious consumer behaviour: With
relatively easy changes and simple adaptions, we can cause a real change on the other
side of the world concerning environmental and social issues.