Rebecca Turner

The London Coffee Festival Visitor Award


Mixed Media; Hand drawn illustration & printed ink on raw canvas.
119cm x 84cm


As a Coffee Master, a fan, a consumer. I feel a responsibility to know and share the origins and story behind a cup of coffee. Be it the Human story, Terroir, Processing or Varietal it all matters. It can often be lost in translation that the coffee we consume has travelled thousands of miles and passed through many hands to arrive here to us.


Here, I've hopefully captured the elements of the first few moments of coffee as a seed through years of growth and a 9 month cherry cycle ending in direct contrast to the last few moments, for just 20 seconds of Espresso, or a few minutes through a filter.


Inside that cup coffee in your hand is an experience, an industry, a story of livelihood. It's also a conversation, a moment and a common bond shared between people.


It's a journey that's travelled across vast oceans and land through hard work and determination. Every person who's hands have passed through that coffee from seed to processing, roasting and final brew - have done so through a common goal and a labour of love.

If there was an illustrated symbol of that, I'd like these to be it.