Fiona Charalambous

"Climpsons" and "Vagabonds - Coffee in Progress"
Acrylics & watercolour on wood and paper
Both 40 x 40 cm (Framed)

“Climpsons” – This postcard features a coffee maker at Climpson & Sons, a tea top and various coffee objects. The brush strokes give the piece an unfinished look. The piece is simple and captures my perspective of the popular and quirky coffee shop in London in the winter. I almost feels like I have grown in coffee shops as a person, and the coffee shop has become my extended family.
“Vagabonds – Coffee in Progress” – This piece was penned after I examined a crime scene. I went to a coffee shop and gathered my thoughts after witnessing something horrific. In my moment of reflection, I painted my small table at Vagabond’s, a place of calm and serenity, and beauty in the simple pleasure of having a coffee. I noted down some inital thoughts that can be seen in the piece.