Benjamin Poultney

"7 Days of Coffee Shop Life"
Hand drawn digital illustration
30cm x 42cm

This was hand drawn over the space of a week, each day in spent in different coffee shops across Central London. It encompasses all manner of coffee related shenanigans that I witnessed (and imagined) during my caffeine fuelled 7 days.
It is more than a large scale observation however – this piece is an interactive journey where YOU the viewer can go on a hunt for some real characters, for example: the hacker, the mum at the end of her tether, the accident waiting to happen, the irate customer, the coffee themed show on the TV, the punk rocker, the rainbow shoes, the ‘coffee2go’ guy, the TFL worker on his break, the police on theirs, the fireman that’s just clocked off, my personal favourite the alien doing his best to blend in (this was day 7) and all the letters that make up the word COFFEE.

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