Mirella Vivoli

"Tazzina Fumanteeeeeeeee"

It was a morning like any other, ready to go play with my test tubes in the laboratory , but as every morning never left the house without drinking my coffee ... A cup of coffee is a friend or merely an extension of his own conscience.
Pass me the lighter silly ... I passed it to him , and went on to say..Come to us , you should get more sleep ... you are not a morning glory, you have dark circles ... thank you, very nice of you ... I'm fine , I feel fit and ready to face the day! Oh yes? You think you're normal? Well , yes I am ... it is normal for you to hear me talk , eh ? Have you smoked your brain? Oh no, true, I talk with my cup of coffee in the early morning.

100% of the sale of this artwork will go to Project Waterfall