Valentina Stecchi

"Senza Titolo"
Mixed Media on Canvas
30 x 20 cm

I have always been interested in coffee. I consider it to be a moment that is almost a ritual. You can drink it in a hurry, with friends, after dinner, in the morning, in the afternoon, alone... The effects of it also depend on our perception of the flavour, and the aroma of the coffee itself. In a fast and imperceptible moment, my gaze is resting thoughtfully on the dark mirror of the coffee. Who knows how many times the surface retracts or captures the world around us, without us noticing. It is as if the mirror is a meeting of two worlds. The canvas is small to testify to the simplicity and the transience of the moment of sipping a coffee. The canvas is made of mixed media, using liquid coffee, ink, chalk, and paper collage.