Ignacio Algarin


"Mini Cafes'"

The Ignacio’s project MiniCoffe is a continuous work in time, is conceived as a sequence , the presence of the subject " coffee " which is inscribed a calendar indicator reveals a steady evolution of uneasiness , a return to the key places .
It is not the graphical representation of the object but the expression of the moment lived before him. In that diary the painter discovers a time that has passed, leaving the unity of the work as a trace of that time.
We could say that the drawing call to the memory.
The set of all these moments in time is what really sets the complete work. which consists of 80 cafes that speak of situations , feelings and emotions , in short, personal life intervals of a timeshare.
The pieces that make up the book are signed, numbered and commented behind at the time of its execution defining moment .
The drawings are like symbols, displays a personal iconography Ignatius concerning the day to day works appear to us as a diary , narrated , personal, cryptic , with annotations , reflections, and comments , reflecting the need to shift the thoughts to work more than the thoughts themselves.
Each painting is like a page from a journal, a diary that the artist shares with everyone who ventures to decipher.