Alexandra Oates

"Τα λέμε στον καφέ"
Mixed media 
40 cm x 60 cm

“Τα λέμε στον καφέ” is a conceptual projection of a typical Greek afternoon. In regards to the customary tradition of coffee that is not susceptible to the time of day, or location in which it is enjoyed, the fildjan, or otherwise traditional coffee cup, is an heirloom of culture. The oval canvases depict sense of depth within this picturesque coastal town, Galaxidi, while also reminiscing the ancestral practice of ‘tasseographers’. 

Translations and transcriptions define the ambiguity of this piece, as does its dual nature. The liquidity of the fildjan interior contrasts the harshness of its gold perimeter. 

Inspired by the works of George Minas, a local artist. 

50% of the sale of this artwork will go towards Project Waterfall