Francesca Sigilli

"Shades of Coffee"
Digital photography printing on aluminium
30.5 x 20.3 cm

Shades of Coffee is a work that represents the multitudes nuances of this drink. Because the word coffee means social gathering, because coffee is a coffee most consumed beverage in the world, linked to the ritual of preparation and a space of time that each individual is cut out to prepare and consume. Suffice to say that in the history of every event of life is linked to a cup of coffee. We think when we bring to his lips a cup of steaming coffee is a common gesture in much of the world. Coffee is often accompanied by strong feelings related to its aroma and taste. This drink from multiple shades is related to feelings that coffee actually causes: think of her perfume that penetrates deeply into the sinuses and gives the impression of creeping throughout the body, energizing the mind and senses. For many people smell the coffee is a real adrenaline rush, a pleasure that invades the body and mind. For this reason coffee is associated with the pleasure of being human. 

50% of the sale of this artwork will go towards Project Waterfall