Isabel Coonjah

Oil on Canvas
30 x 24"

I visited New York for the first time earlier this year and was captivated by the imposing yet incredibly graceful Statue of Liberty, one of the most iconic and recognisable landmarks in the world. She represents freedom from oppression as well as unity and harmony among people, something I think both she and coffee have in common. I felt there was nothing more fitting to accurately represent todays Coffee Culture in New York, than one of its most famous, historic landmarks. New York has such an established coffee culture, coffee being at the heart of the people, with a coffee shop on every corner, it has a way of bringing people together; therefore Lady Liberty is raising her cup of coffee as a symbol to this. For many immigrants entering the United States for the first time, The Statue of Liberty was their first sight, a sight of hope and very much represented them. My version of her displays how she is still relatable and reflective of today’s society and its people.

50% of the sale of this artwork supported Project Waterfall