John de la O

"NYC Coffee Cup Siren"
Acrylic on Canvas
24 x 24"


Coffee is a driving force behind my creative process, my morning cup fuelling fastidious work, usually reworking something from the night before. It is a constant companion while I paint, as well as instrumental Jazz or any Old Time music. Many a good idea has come to me while I've shuffled around NYC, wrapped in a coat and clutching a hot carton coffee cup from a local Deli. The mere smell of coffee rouses to mind countless childhood memories and for me, and brings me back to several New York City haunts and experiences. For this reason, my painting dealing with the theme of coffee this year is an ode to my native city, emblazoned with a classic Greek Deli/Diner coffee cup unmistakable to true New Yorkers, from which a Sultry Siren emanates. Her old world sensuality reminiscent of Pulp Paintings of the 1940's-50's (which coincidentally were painted mostly by NY Illustrators and Fine Artists) is a poetic visual representation of the illusions, charms, and seductive and creative powers of this great city, as well as the glimpses of bygone eras that I still find in its walls, buildings and streets.