The Coffee Art Project is a high profile art competition inviting artists to interpret the theme of coffee.

Artists at all levels can enter one piece of artwork that connects to 'coffee' and/or 'coffee shop' experience. There is no restriction on media used; sculpture, painting, installation, photography and mixed media art works are all eligible and welcome, providing that they have a justifiable link to coffee.

We aim tO

  • Support and encourage artists by providing them with a platform to showcase their work.
  • Promote coffee culture.
  • Raise money to bring clean water and sanitation to coffee-growing communities.


Following on from the success of The Coffee Art Project in London, Milan, Amsterdam and Paris, where more than 400 inspirational submissions have been received - the competition now enters it's seventh year in London and it's fifth year in NYC.  2018 saw the programme launched in Los Angeles.  In future we plan to extend the programme to other major cities.


The Coffee art Project supports Project Waterfall, which is committed to bringing clean water to communities which grow our coffee through the Allegra Foundation and other registered charities.

So far, Project Waterfall has raised more than over £1 million and delivered clean water to over 37,000 people across 7 countries in partnership with WaterAid, Charity: Water and Water for People. 



  • Nurturing talent and creativity
  • Respect
  • Social Responsibility
  • Freedom of expression

Our Model

The Coffee art Project is a non-profit initiative aimed at encouraging artists by providing them with an open platform to showcase their works.

We are funded by donations, sponsorship and art sales. All works must be for sale in the exhibition(s) and on the Coffee art Project on-line gallery. For each artwork sold, 25% is given to the artist, 25% is used to fund administration costs, 50% will be donated to Project Waterfall.

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