Meeting our artists - Part 1

It is a pleasure for us to have on board such amazing artists who are contributing to create and make the Coffee Art Project unique and special.

We would like to give you a small insight on 3 of our talented artists, in particular, Massimiliano Petrone,  Ambre Mehenni and Jesamine Totanes.

Massimiliano Petrone 

Massimiliano Petrone is an Italian artist who works quite broadly in the arts world. He can be great doing portraits, murals, sketches, digital drawings and canvases. He was born on March 4, 1983 in Turin, Italy.

He graduated in 2003 at the Renato Cottini High School and continued his studies at the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti. As a very talented artist, he has been exhibiting around the world with solo and collective exhibitions. Recently, he exhibited his works 2014-RATFEST#2 – SHOW EXHIBITION at Rat Gallery – Torino, 2014- “Viaggio Travel” Solo Show at Brunswick Street Gallery \\ Fitzroy, Victoria and 2013- Enim Artists Gallery presents: “MADINITALY” – Blanca \\ Spain.


He submitted a sketch  book made by drawing on coffee stains for the Coffee Art Project Milan 2013. The drawings represent different characters with different personalities and shapes. The book is available for purchase on our shop online for £150.oo (


For more information about the artist, please visit 

Ambre Mehenni

Ambre is an illustrators based in Holland. Her passions lies mostly in Illustration.By combining screen-printing, linocut and letterpress my output is naturally diverse. She also try to combine analogue and digital work, to show i can work with my hands but also can work with a computer. She gets  inspiration from places like french antique markets, old biology books and cute children’s illustrations.


She submitted 2 simple and very refined illustration for the Coffee Art Project London and Amsterdam 2014. The illustrations represent coffee and its connection with the earth, the mind and human body. The illustrations are available for purchase on our shop online. The two illustrations costs each £350 with white frame.(


For more information about the artist, please visit

Jesamine TotaƱes

Graduated Bachelor of Arts major in Psychology, her degree in Psychology contributes a lot on her paintings.  She loves to paint when the music plays and music is her teacher. She is a really versatile artist, her range of artworks goes from drawing to portraits and illustrations.  Her paintings are mostly intuitive, expressive and realistic. Her passion of Art nurtured since she moved to Europe. But as a small child she already have the love of creativity.  At the age of 4 she loved to play clays, and drew doll figures. At 10, started competing school painting contest.


She has submitted an intense piece of artwork for the Coffee Art Project Amsterdam 2014. The painting represent the moment of drinking coffee as an introspection of the inner self. The painting is available for purchase at £ 800 on

For more information about the artist please visit

The Coffee Art Project Team
Meeting our artists - Part 1
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