The Coffee Art Project London 2016 - The Winners

A huge congratulations goes out to the winner and runners-up of the Coffee Art Project in London 2016! Thank you for your contributions and hard work, helping us continue to raise valuable funds for Project Waterfall!

Now let's take a closer look at our prize winners...

Winner: Rachel Walker with 'Coffee Bag Series'

London artist Rachel Walker was inspired to study painting after travelling and working with young people in South Africa and Burundi. Her piece for the Coffee Art Project is a series of fine-line pen drawings on Caravan coffee bags, and won her 1st Prize in London 2016!

1st Runner-up: Su Ekin Demir with 'Grown by Women'

This beautiful mixed media on canvas piece by Su Ekin Demir earned her 2nd Prize in London 2016! She drew inspiration from the difficulties faced by female coffee farmers, and encourages the viewer to think about how their coffee is grown.

2nd Runner-up: Brigitte Dietz with 'Homo Coffeeae Faber'

German-born artist Brigitte Dietz specialises in oil paintings, mixed technique, collage and pastel. Her entry looks at the moment that the coffee bean is picked, and interprets the whole coffee cosmos as resting on this moment.

The London Coffee Festival Visitor Award: John Hobbs with 'Creation'

Our audience at the London Coffee Festival voted this piece by John Hobbs as their favourite! This abstract piece is representative of the coffee machine, and the process with which a perfect cup of coffee is made.

These pieces and many others are for sale online at!

The standard of artwork received was sensational and picking the top four pieces was incredibly challenging. We are proud to work with such a talented group of artists, and endeavour to make upcoming projects as successful as this one!
The Coffee Art Project London 2016 - The Winners
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