The Coffee Art Project Paris 2014 @ Espace des arts sans frontières

We have the pleasure to announce the venue of The Coffee Art Project Paris

The Parisian project will be held at the Espace des Arts Sans Frontieres.

Originally a factory building, the renovated gallery space is situated in the North East neighborhood of Paris close to the Canal Saint Martin and the beautiful Buttes Chaumont Park, a few minutes from the historical center of Paris.

Espace des Arts Sans Frontieres as its name suggests, is an exhibition and work space created in 2006 to facilitate cultural exchanges and allow young international artists, especially from Asia, to discover French culture and contemporary art practice. Now the gallery regularly hosts group exhibitions of artists of diverse origins, young fine art graduates and also performing artists. This autumn we are happy to host a series of rare concerts of experimental contemporary composers performed by young musicians from around the world as well as from France.

As an amazing and dynamic progressive venue, Espace des Arts Sans Frontieres is the perfect location for The Coffee Art Project Paris 2014. With the aim of connecting art and coffee with the break of boundaries, The Coffee Art Project and the gallery will create a perfect match which will deliver a unique and unforgettable exhibition to the audience.

The interior of the space is very spacious and The Coffee Art Project artworks and artists will be showcased amazingly (Some pictures below).

The Coffee Art Project Exhibition will be on from 16 – 22 November 2014.

Keep yourself posted and visit the Gallery website to find out more of this fantastic venue.

Espace des Arts Sans Frontieres

Espace des arts sans frontières
44, rue Bouret
(metro Jaurès, lignes 2, 5 et 7 bis)
75019 Paris

Feel free to visit their website

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We will be very delighted to see you in Paris!!!
The Coffee Art Project Paris 2014 @ Espace des arts sans frontières
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