Amsterdam 2014 - J Filament

J Filament

Drink Coffee = Grow Humanness, 2014

Paper, imprints of coffee cup, pen, natural coffee grains, real brunch of tree
102 x 71cm

This picture is drawn by imprints from the bottom of coffee cup. On this picture child of Tanzania holds natural coffee grains from which tree of humanness and goodness has sprouted.
I wanted to show that when we drink coffee, each cup contributes to the delivery of water for people in Tanzania.
Amsterdam 2014 - J Filament
JFilament, winner of The Coffee Art Project Amsterdam 2014, interpreted the concept of coffee by linking coffee to our charity purpose. Her piece titled “Drink Coffee = Grow Humanness”  touched people’s souls. The use of coffee on paper, the sad look and the gentle hands which are carrying a plant and the conceptualisation of the giving, created a perfect match for the competition.

Julia was born in 1994 in Ukraine. “My love for painting and drawing was discovered by my first teacher in school. After that at the age of 7 I started to study at the Art School in Ukraine” she said.  After high school she  started to learn Environment Design in M. Boychuk Institute of Design and Fine art.  Her  plan is to develop her own graphic style to express her inner feelings in the art work even more strongly.

JFilament was interviewed from The Coffee Art Project Team. The interview provides an insight into her work and artistic experiences.



Q. What does your art represent in general?

A. Inner and outer emotions and feelings, social, psychological problems

Q. What inspires you the most?

A. High quality of art from world famous artists (Escher, Dali, etc.), nature and emotions

Q. What do you feel when your creativity starts flowing?

A. I feel that my mission is to show different sides of life through the artworks and that I am capable to make a difference in the world.

Q. How do you connect coffee to art?

A. Sometimes when I need inspiration, I open the window and drink coffee… it inspires! And I love the color of coffee, that’s why I use it like watercolor for painting

Q. What did you feel during the creation process?

A. During the process of creating the portrait for Coffee Festival Art Competition I felt strong smell of coffee of course :) and a desire to help people from Tanzania. Every feeling depends on picture and the mood of this picture.

Q. Would you like to go to Tanzania and meet the communities that you have drawn  about?

A. Of course! I want to create a series of portraits of people from Africa. For now I have 3 portraits (including picture for Coffee Art Project).The culture of people who live in countries like Africa, India, etc, inspire me very much. Their life is difficult, but their coloring is bright.

Q.What would you like to do in your future apart being an artist? Do you have any other dreams?

A. I want to continue make art, improve my skills. I dream to organize an art school  and travel around the world looking for gifted children who would like to become painters and grant them education at my art school.

Q. Do you have a favourite coffee beverage? If so where do you enjoy drinking it? Do you have a favourite café?

A. My favourite place where to drink coffee is the ‘Coffee Company’. I prefer to drink latte, home made coffee with cinnamon or cardamom.

Q.Do you feel that artists have the power to change the lives of African communities? If so, how?

A. Yes, they can openly ‘talk’ about real problems in the world, attract attention to important issues. But I think everybody has power to help

Q. If you could do one thing to improve the world, what would it be?

A. Only one? So… reduce production costs by optimizing recycling.
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