London 2018 - Emma Martin Arrufat

Emma Martin Arrufat


Mixed media: Pastels, Watercolor and Coffee, Ink, Felt, and Gel Pens
46 x 31 cm

Caffeine, an energetic word as its meaning. Representing the pure coffee, where it starts, where it transforms and where it ends. The dark girl represents the coffee grain, while his hair is the plant of it, the beginning. Slowly, she finds herself melting into the drink that warms the cold mornings. The composition represents the most specifically essence of the coffee with the marks that it leaves when you forget it on the kitchen, or the powerful strong caffeine with green and red, remembering the plant where it began. Those aren’t facets of the coffee, this is the history of it, his own story, being each one of them and all at the same time.
London 2018 - Emma Martin Arrufat
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