London 2019 - Martynas Pekarska

Martynas Pekarska

Square of Yirgacheffe 2019

Coffee grounds on canvas
60 x 60 cm

One may call it a routine, but I prefer coffee drink to be called a ritual. Every step of the process must be completed with a great care and respect. This picture is a final result of a complex happening development. I lay coffee grounds on the canvas, in the shape of the square. I watch as it dries, I try to guess the future out of the surface of the picture. It might be abstract painting or display of coffee grounds. As well, it might be prophecy. Just open your eyes and tell me: what you see?
London 2019 - Martynas Pekarska
I’m a Lithuanian artist who works with various “second-hand” painting technics. My work is my life.
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