Los Angeles 2018 - Brooke Bierhus

Brooke Bierhus

The World In A Cup


What is your favorite aspect of coffee? In this short documentary the answer to that question is "the connections, friendship, and hospitality associated with sharing a cup of coffee." Interviews in 5 countries and languages highlights the truth behind this sentiment. The film also touches on the importance of water in a matriarchal village in Samburu, Kenya. A deeper look into the idea of a universal understanding of connecting over a coffee is examined in the feature documentary, The Connected Cup, available online and streaming February 2019.
Los Angeles 2018 - Brooke Bierhus
Brooke Bierhaus is a documentary filmmaker and multimedia journalist. Creator of the feature length documentary, The Connected Cup, Brooke specializes in narrative driven and visual storytelling that highlights the many layers of the human condition. She began her career in wildlife film making and photography, but soon realized her biggest draw is in creating work that makes people feel seen, heard, and valued.
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